Do you have a drug test coming up? There are several ways to master passing drug tests safely and easily ranging from expensive to completely free. Let’s take a look and find out which is right for you.

1. Quicktabs (around $20)

Quicktabs can be purchased at any GNC or health-food store. They’re marketed as a body-cleansing solution, but they actually have another underlying purpose: passing drug tests.

Many people in America regularly face urine drug screenings. If you are one of those, Herbal Clean’s Quick Tabs and QCaps can be a lifesaver. These pills function by sending your body’s natural cleansing mechanism (i.e. the urinary system) into overdrive for a short period. This then flushes toxins out of your urine and prevents them from accumulating for a few hours. Thankfully this is long enough to safely ensure passing drug tests.

Of course, all that extra peeing means your urine’s characteristics will change. Normally this would cause problems with an adulterant test, but Quick Tabs and QCaps are fortified with creatine and B-vitamins to avoid this.

Passing drug tests is easy with these products!

Passing drug tests is easy with these products!

2. Synthetic Pee ($40)

I have used this twice, both times to great effect. This synthetic pee foams up when squirted from its container into another container just like real urine. The basic product comes with a “hot hands” sort of wrap that keeps the bottle warm for 7 or so hours. The bottle it ships in comes complete with a temperature indicator strip on the side to let you know how warm the solution is. The closer to actual body temperature the more likely you are to ensure passing drug tests. Deluxe packages are also available that come with fake genital attachments that look like the real thing. Based on how hardcore your test is this could be a viable option. I passed two nerve-wracking drug tests this way by placing the bottle in my crotch area using really tight underwear and in one of the cases, an ace bandage for good measure.

3. Chugging Vast Amounts Of Water

Drinking tons of water to pass a drug test can be effective under the right circumstances. Drinking too much water, however, can dilute your urine causing a result of “inconclusive”. In most cases when this happens they’ll either re-test your sample or ask you to pee again. This can be a precarious game to play depending on whether the test is for a job or for a probation officer.

I have never had luck drinking gallons of water but I have friends that swear by it. It depends on how much you drink and how much you sweat and of course how much you puff and how frequently. Working out and sweating a lot could be a good thing to combine with gallon-drinking. This can work depending on how much time you have to prepare. If you have a week or so this could be the option for you.

4. Head Shop Products “XXTRA CLEAN” (~$60)

After having worked for years in a head shop in a large college town I can safely tell you to stay away from these products. These products vary in effectiveness but can cost quite a bit of money depending on the markup. Our shop had a very popular $60 30oz. bottle of “Quick Clean” that purported to “make your insides all slippery” and “let water become urine without ever actually touching your system”. In reality these drinks do little more than dilute your fluids internally and are tantamount to drinking a lot of water in a short space of time, more or less.

Many angry customers returned to that shop to return the bottle over a failed test, or to complain in person. I would warn every single customer of the dangers of trying such drinks and advise them both of our return policy at the time. Check out #5 on today’s list, which is the most effective method and 100% fool-proof and works literally every single time.

5. Don’t Puff Until You Pass Your Test

The only true way to guarantee absolutely that you will for sure be passing drug tests is to not smoke pot. This isn’t always an option as many employers pop tests on you without warning.

But if you have the time and the willpower I highly recommend this method as it is 100% successful if you abstain for a long enough period.

If you want a worry-free passĀ abstain from smoking marijuana for 21 days or more before your next test if you’re a heavy smoker. If you only puffed a single time you should be okay in around a week naturally. Help your body’s natural process by working out, sweating, drinking lots of fluids and continuing to abstain from puffing.



Here are one or two tips for when and if you have a urine test coming up:

Avoid spiking or masking the urine sample. This is a method used to throw off testing equipment from seeing certain results. Commercial and over-the-counter chemicals containing nitrates were once used to mask THC but are now commonly tested for. These products are all detectable, and will result automatically in a failed drug screen.Avoid diluting the sample.

Try not to act nervous or worried. Acting in this way could make your testers suspicious which is never a good thing.

The bottom line: If you smoke it takes time for your body to cleanse itself naturally. If you don’t have time for a natural solution: ANY work-around is a gamble and nothing is 100% safe besides abstinence.

Tip For Passing Drug Tests:

Marijuana can stay in your system for 2-7 days (single use); 1-2+ months (habitual use). Although I’ve found that my body cleans itself naturally in 3-4 weeks naturally when I stop puffing.

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