Having friends over for a smoke session? Ensure you are being great hosts or even guests in the future by following this list of smoke etiquette.

Do’s and Don’ts For Smoke Etiquette:

1. Put In If You Can

Weed can be expensive and sometimes precarious to obtain. If someone wants to share with you that’s great, but bringing your own to throw in to the mix is even better.

2. When Someone Declines To Join

Not everyone smokes and among those who do, not everyone smokes all the time. Also, not everyone is a social smoker. Or perhaps they want to keep their pothead status a secret in certain circles. It’s never okay to out someone as a pothead. It’s always okay to ask someone to partake, but it’s never okay to assume.

3. Seeds and Stems

If you’re packing a bowl it’s incumbent upon you to police the material for great smoke etiquette. Stuffing a whole bud into a bowl almost never makes for a smooth, even burn. Tearing apart the buds for optimum air flow is best. Using a grinder can save time. Use a grinder with a keef trap, and now you’re boxing clever!

4. Joint Rolling Skill Check

It’s a good idea in general to never use supposition as fact. If you aren’t sure, ask. If you aren’t capable, delegate. Nothing is more frustrating than a joint too tightly or too loosely rolled which could lead to a poorly functioning joint. When I was in college I ground up a few grams of herb and locked myself in my room with a fresh pack of rolling papers until I had achieved a measure of success. I did waste a handful of papers, but I never rolled an inferior joint after that!

5. Whomever Twisted The Joint May Spark It

If you took the time to twist a blunt or roll a joint it’s your option to light it. If you put in the work it’s your prerogative. It’s always okay to defer sparking a spliff to someone else, but never berate someone for lighting a thing they themselves created.

6. If There Are Guests Offer Them The First Hit

This is especially important when lighting a bowl. If someone is a guest be kind and give them a fresh, green hit. It’s only common courtesy smoke etiquette.

7. Don’t Torch The Bowl

The best hit is always a green hit, so don’t keep it all to yourself. Instead of burning the whole surface of a bowl, light only a small corner so that the next person (or two) can enjoy a green hit, too. I sometimes refer to the “pie piece” method; burn a sliver for yourself leaving equal amounts for the remaining folks. Some believe it’s also great karma.

8. Don’t Slobber On The Pipe

It’s never nice to hit a pipe and receive someone else’s mouth moisture. Getting stoned does tend to take your mind elsewhere, but it’s good procedure to stay mindful enough to refrain from wetting the mouthpiece, or wipe it thoroughly before passing. Mindfulness is key for proper smoke etiquette!

9. If You’re Sick

If you’re sick, own up to it. Use a separate piece for yourself during this time if possible. Otherwise it can be helpful to use the pipe as a chillum when passed to you; that is, using your hand as a go-between for your mouth and the pipe. Your friends will thank you for it.

10. Puff, Puff, Pass

When smoking out of a pipe, you’re expected to take a single “hit” before you pass, but if smoking a joint or blunt, you’re allowed to take a few hits before passing to the next person. The common phrase “puff, puff, pass” is therefore nothing more than simple smoke etiquette for toking in a group.

11. Pass To The Left

It’s always beneficial to establish a standard in any realm of life when varied individuals are involved. Passing to the left, apart from being a really catchy song, is a great rule of thumb. Again, weed can take your mind to amazing places, but try to stay mindful enough to remember and maintain the passing standard: to the left! It sets the proper expectation for everyone so there’s no confusion.

12. Don’t Hog The Weed

Don’t use the pipe as a microphone. Weed can make a person chatty and there’s no harm in that. Try to remain present and mindful enough to take your hit and pass to the left. Once everyone is good and eerie there’ll be plenty of time to tell your really cool story, and refrain from “camping”.

13. Clear the Chamber

Stale smoke is awful. It tastes bad and causes a mean cough. That’s why it’s important to clear the chamber of your bong or pipe before passing it on. If you can’t clear it, at least blow it out through a carburetor (don’t blow through the mouthpiece!).

14. Never Blow Smoke In Someone’s Face

It’s extremely bad smoke etiquette to blow smoke at someone’s face. Many happy pot smokers don’t enjoy having to breathe in someone’s exhale. Be mindful of your surroundings and try and put your out-breath somewhere that won’t linger next to someone’s face. It’s only polite.

15. Don’t Pass A Cashed Bowl

Sometimes a bowl needs to be stirred, but sometimes even a good stir can’t avoid the inevitable; a cashed bowl. It’s each person’s responsibility to check the bowl for viability. It’s on you if you pass a bowl of carbonized plant material to another person. Don’t be that Guy!

16. Easy With The Glass

Maybe it isn’t your bong or pipe, but it’s somebody’s. If unsure where to place a piece after a smoke session, ask. Weed can take the mind to crazy places but it’s each person’s responsibility to ensure safety of the pipe. You don’t want to be the person who destroyed someone’s beloved property that could have special feelings associated with it. Mindfulness is key!

17. Be Gracious And Kind

If someone smokes you out, offers their place to do so, or provides munchies and/or drinks, be sure to thank them for it. Better yet, use your cannabis experience to gain a better appreciation for you friends all together. The smoke session is a great time to get to know your friends on a more personal level, so be gracious for it. One little “thank you” can go a long way. This not only smoke etiquette but proper manners!

18. Make Everyone Feel Welcome

Not everyone experiences their high on the same level. Don’t assume everyone in your smoke session is in your same head space. Some newer smokers may experience social anxiety, a lack of confidence or even paranoia because of their fresh head-change. Being considerate and mindful never hurts and could help you help someone else have a great time.

19. Clean Your Implement

Smoking is fun and relaxing. Head change is a sweet thing to experience. One thing that can sully an otherwise wonderful session is inadvertently heating up the inside of a dirty pipe by smoking a fresh bowl. Practice pipe cleanliness discipline. No one wants to smoke or smell resin being cooked when that’s not the goal. Mindfulness is key!

For help check out these instructions!

20. Never Blast a Rookie

Maybe your nickname these days has become Smoke Dog but not everyone can French-inhale and blow smoke tricks. If someone doesn’t know how to use a piece properly be considerate and helpful. After all someone helped you at some point. Try to never make a person feel badly for being inexperienced either with a procedure or with the head change itself. A little empathy goes a very long way!

Note: No one is perfect and even the most seasoned smoker can have moments of brain-lapse. We’re all only human and everyone makes mistakes. The purpose of a smoke session is to relieve the mind and body and bring humans closer together through shared experience. Remember that all humans deserve respect and to be treated with dignity. You will reap what you so, and it comes back around! You receive what you put out sooner or later. Ultimately, we are the culmination of how we treat one another so be kind!


Puff Puff Pass following this list of smoke etiquette!

Puff Puff Pass following this list of smoke etiquette!

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