After having personally tried or tested all the internet seemingly has to offer in terms of How-To’s for a “sploof”, I came to several helpful conclusions that will save you time and heartache when smoking with a personal smoke filter. While some work well and some work okay, the most common method is the least effective design overall.

As Reddit user bbeony540 stated:

Step 1: Get yourself a cardboard toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet.
Step 2: Throw them out. That shit does not work.

I agree! Everyone suggests the old toilet-paper-roll-and-dryer-sheet method when the subject comes up but in my 20 years of inhaling (and exhaling through a filter) I’ve found this to be the absolute least effective method although the most commonly known.

Several problems arise when trying to use a roll-and-sheets sploof. First, the cardboard can wear out after handling, especially after passing between friends. Once the tube is no longer cylindrical the potential for smoke leakage is 100%. In addition, dryer sheets don’t work as a functioning filter for smoke. Sploofs like these were designed to be activated by heat which releases their chemicals that adhere to clothing to give them that fresh smell in the dryer.

In short, it does not work for filtering out marijuana smoke from exhaled breaths.

So what does work as a sploof?

After trying several designs and ideas I’ve determined through trial and error that Reddit user bbeony540 put forth the most effective idea, even though it can be somewhat costly.


bbeony540 writes:

Step 1: Get yourself some activated charcoal and an old water bottle

You want one with a nipple.

Step 2: Rinse the charcoal in water

This is not a soak, just enough to get everything wet.

Step 3: Drill some small holes in the bottom of the bottle

You should be able to blow through the nipple with minimal resistance so you’ll need >10 holes.

Step 4: Put a paper towel at the bottom of the bottle

This is just to act as a screen to keep the coal from blowing out the bottom, If you have an actual screen that you can use then go for it.

Step 5: Fill it with charcoal

He was absolutely correct. I’ve utilized charcoal filled in-line filters in my home HVAC to cleanse the air in and around my grow-space. I’ve also used activated charcoal in hand-held sploofs for personal smoke filtering. Charcoal is hands-down the way to go and may cost you a few dollars but will last for months.

As of this writing Wal-Mart carries a 1.2oz bottle for around $7 that would fill a smaller sploof nicely. Any commercial activated charcoal would work sufficiently and larger sploofs could necessitate more. Many pet stores sell charcoal filters you can use to great effect. Just tear open the cloth pouch that’s included with purchase and remove the charcoal from it.

Your freedom is more important than saving a few dollars. If not freedom, then your secrecy. If you want to keep your smoking private, take my advice and make the small investment that’ll pay for itself instantly with peace-of-mind.

With increasing numbers of states that have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana, the number of accessories has exploded in recent years. As a result of this many commercial / retail sploofs and filters have become available and can be easily ordered online or picked up at your favorite local dispensary / herb store.

Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the smell, try this vaporizer to minimize scents as well.

In Conclusion

Use these instructions to be able to hit your bowl in peace without the stress of the scent. Even though it may be hard to understand, not everyone enjoys the aroma of marijuana. To some it is the smell of peace and others it is the smell of illegality. Nothing kills a buzz more than being paranoid of who can smell it. Now kick back, roast you bowl while you let your mind relax knowing that you are free to smoke to your hearts content. Take that deep breath, hold it and exhale your stress knowing you don’t have to worry about anything else other than the moment you are in right now.

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